Frequently Asked Questions

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A professional pest control service will protect your home and property from pest infestation. Professionals save you money through proper pest identification and application of the proper technique and product to solve your pest problem.

Why Pest Prescription?
Pest Prescription is locally owned and operated. We are absolutely committed to each and every customer we service. Our dedication to finding a solution to whatever your pest issue may be is second to none.

Are these ants or termites in my house?
Could be either as ants and termites look similar. One of the easiest ways to tell is that ants have a very distinct 3 segmented body. Call for an appointment for identification and free estimate.


What is that brown spot in my yard?
Could be chinch bugs or grubs. Could be water stress. Could be improper mowing techniques. Call for an appointment for identification and free estimate.

Are pesticides safe for my family and pets?
Yes, the active ingredients in pesticides are engineered to affect the body systems of invertabrates. All of our products are EPA approved and we follow the Green Industries Best Management Principles to ensure the safety of you and your home.

I saw something on the news banning fertilizer. What's that all about?
Yes, improper fertilization can be harmful to the environment. We follow and adhere to all label instructions and fertilizer ordinances. Fertilizers are applied at specific intervals throughout the year at proper label rates.